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Case Studies


Profitability Coaching

"[Angela] helped me get an existing business back online to be more profitable and she also helped me open two new businesses."

- Fergus "Fergie" Carey


Start-Up Coaching

"I, and the entire staff at Fabrika, would like to extend our gratitude to Angie, who has been our very close and exceptional consultant from the very beginning to our grand opening."

- Ylia Dzlieri


Profitability Coaching

"If you are a biz owner in Philly metro area (or want to pay Angie to come to you wherever), hire her NOW, cause she will rock your profit margins!”

- Adina Silberstein


Profitability Coaching

"Angela was super insightful and a pleasure to work with. If you are a small business owner ( in F&B) looking to audit, implement or create new operational systems to help sustain or grow your business, look no further! - Meredith Waldman, Owner, Rally


Start-Up Coaching

"Angela came in at a critical time as we were developing our operational business plan, interviewing and hiring staff, developing success metrics, and executing a thorough training program for our supervisors and baristas."

- Chuck Garrity



This client contacted me to help them determine if a pickleball bar concept on their property in Phoenixville, PA was feasible.







I'm here to help!

Opening a new restaurant or keeping one going can be tough. I know – I did it for 12 years.
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