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Profitability & Growth


The owner of Queenie’s Pets® needed to put more money in her pocket, but was reluctant to increase customer pricing.



After performing a financial analysis, we decided to repackage Queenie’s services based on customer demand, while matching competitor pricing. Presenting a financial proforma with sales forecasts and labor costs allowed the client to see the potential in black and white. We took the staff from a fixed salary to a commission structure, which motivated them to take on last minute bookings and increase revenue. We completed the analysis in about eight weeks, then launched the new pricing and packages in April 2017.


Queenie’s Pets® increased their profit margin by 345% that year, and 500% the following.


Client Review

“A massive shout-out to Angela Vendetti who coached me in profitability a year ago and totally kicked my butt into business-gear!!). If you are a biz owner in Philly metro area (or want to pay Angie to come to you wherever), hire her NOW, cause she will rock your profit margins!”

– Adina Silberstein, Founder, President, and CEO, Queenie’s Pets®


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