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Feasibility & Financing

Market research and financial forecasts to give you the confidence to move forward.


Start-Up Package

Planning and project management to opening day.


Profitability & Growth

A 90-day plan to improve your bottom line.

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Marketing & Menu Reboot

Reenergize your concept with a new marketing plan and budget.

Chess Pieces

Management Coaching

Empower and incentivize your Manager(s) to reach quarterly goals.


Weekly Coaching

Stay on track with weekly coaching sessions! Operators who track their costs weekly improve profit margins by five points on average.


Hourly Coaching

Coaching sessions by the hour to get you moving in the right direction.


It's All About Delegation

Don't let your business control you---get control of IT.
You didn't get into business for yourself to be a slave to it. I'll work with you to implement systems for effective delegation so you can go on vacation without being "on call."

Did you Know?

Three times as much money spent at an independently owned restaurant will stay in the local economy, compared to a national chain. Yet 60% of independent restaurants will close in their first year. My goal is to help restaurateurs skip the learning curve and beat the odds, making a positive impact in their lives and on the local economy.

Who Needs a Restaurant Consultant?

There are so many nuances that restaurant newbies, veterans, and everyone in between can find a restaurant consultant’s services impactful. 

If you are launching a new restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop (especially if you haven’t opened one before), I can help you skip the learning curve and beat the odds. I will guide you through the necessary steps and processes to ensure your launch is as smooth as possible. This includes developing your concept, building out your brand, financing, building your team, selecting technology, and more.


If you are currently running a restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop, I can help you pinpoint areas that can be optimized or resolve problems that could be hurting your business. For example, to address high turnover, I can help you evaluate hiring processes and workplace culture to ensure you’re attracting and retaining the best talent (and staying competitive with your peers).


I can also help identify ways to automate operations, cut costs, increase sales through menu engineering and marketing, and delegate more effectively. This all translates to higher profits and better quality of life.

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