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10 Ways to Nail “Dry January”

For a lot of people, “Dry January” is often more than abstaining from alcohol. It can include a moratorium on spending and/or avoiding sugar, dairy, and other things we binged on over the holidays that made our pants fit tighter. So as a restaurant owner, how do you make lemonade? Here are some tips:

  1. Develop a zero proof cocktail menu.

  2. Warm up those drinks and give them seasonal flavor.

  3. Offer healthy or low-cal meals to go (at a reasonable price).

  4. Plan some ticketed events that aren’t centered around alcohol. Hit up my good friend at Home Brewed Events to plan a yoga class, with or without a guided beer tasting.

  5. Promote a guilt-free happy hour that keeps your regulars regular.

  6. Offer a January punchcard—try all zero proof cocktails (or something else) to enter to win a gift card.

  7. Since people tend to stay in more with the cold weather, make sure online ordering is set up.

  8. Create a seasonal food menu. Limited time only menus generate excitement!

  9. Sell branded winter merch—hoodies, blankets, hats, etc.

  10. Don’t cut your marketing budget!

Please leave your ideas or success stories in the comments!


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