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Social Media Marketing

Frustrated with Yelp? More and more, social media is being used by your customers to rate and recommend you to their network (or not), whether that’s through an actual “review,” or just by sharing your Instagram pic. Being proactive in social media engages your customers in a fun way, which results in more positive interactions and comments, throwing those “ouch ratings” to the bottom of the list.

Social strategy – So, the strategy is generating good word of mouth. But which platforms give you the most bang for your buck? 

Platform set up and management – We’ll get each platform set up and ready to go, with a plan to manage it all.
Content planning – Let’s incorporate video, photos, blogs, and articles relevant to your business, and carefully plan their release into the wild.
Customer loyalty and engagement – Turn your customers into brand ambassadors and get them talking about you in a good way. It’s called “free advertising.”

Brand awareness – Maximize awareness through multiple platforms, keeping your message on point.

Surprise monthly health inspections

Once a month, our team will inspect your facility, as the health department would. This gives you the opportunity to address any issues before they show up, minimizing the risk of landing on’s Clean Plates column, or worse, getting shut down.

Secret shopper reports

Hopefully we're already working with you on customer service training that will make you shine. Monthly Secret Shopper Reports lets your staff know that you mean business---that was NOT a one-time training, and they WILL be evaluated regularly. The secret shopper team will report back on cleanliness, food presentation and quality. This also creates an opportunity to offer staff incentives, and decrease employee turnover.