So, you’re tired of working for someone else. Maybe you like to cook. Or, you’ve worked in the industry for years. Or maybe you just want a place to call your own. These are all common reasons for wanting to start your own food business, but it doesn’t prepare you for what’s ahead. There’s a reason why franchises are so much more successful (hint: they have help with ALL of this). Over 95% of franchises will still be running five years after start-up, compared to only 15% of traditional businesses. Be part of the 95% without being a franchise.

  • Business plan review & recommendations
  • Financial forecasts & loan preparation
  • Organizational & management tools
  • Sustainability & B-Corp certification
  • Quickbooks set up
  • Website & social media set up
  • POS selection & Customer Loyalty program
  • Menu concept and vendor selection
  • Health Department readiness
  • Sidewalk cafe license (Philadelphia)
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